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Exclusive Nail Salon Promotions in Singapore

Imagine treating yourself to a day of relaxation and pampering at a luxurious nail salon. Picture yourself sinking into a plush chair, surrounded by soft music and the soothing aroma of essential oils. As you sip on a refreshing drink, a skilled technician works their magic, transforming your nails into a work of art. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

Well, it doesn't have to be just a dream! In Singapore, there are several nail salons that offer exclusive promotions and deals, allowing you to indulge in the ultimate nail care experience without breaking the bank.

At TNS Signature By The Nail Status, you can find some of the best nail salon deals in town. From manicures and pedicures to gel treatments and more, they have it all. With their flexible cancellation policy and transparent pricing, they have established themselves as a trusted platform for all your beauty and wellness needs.

But TNS Signature By The Nail Status is not the only salon offering exclusive nail salon promotions. Trimmings Salon & Spa, Manicurious, Branché, Painted Nail Bar, Nail County, TheNailsology, and Move Manicure are just a few of the other nail salons in Singapore that have rolled out their finest offers.

Whether you're looking for luxury nail salon specials, top nail salon discounts, or premium nail salon packages, these exclusive promotions have got you covered. With a range of high-end nail salon promotions, you can find the perfect deal to suit your budget and preferences.

So why wait? Treat yourself to some well-deserved pampering with these exclusive nail salon promotions in Singapore. Whether you want to enhance your natural nails, try out trendy nail art, or simply unwind in a serene environment, these salons are ready to provide you with the ultimate nail salon experience.

The Best Nail Salons for Exclusive Promotions

When it comes to exclusive nail salon promotions in Singapore, these top-notch establishments have got you covered. Offering the best deals on nail services, they ensure that you can pamper yourself without breaking the bank. Check out these exclusive promotions from some of Singapore's most renowned nail salons:

Trimmings Salon & Spa

Trimmings Salon & Spa is famous for its luxurious treatments and impeccable service. They are currently offering an exclusive promotion on their Gel Classique Manicure & Pedicure. Enjoy a 5% discount on this premium service and receive complimentary removal of gel nails.


Manicurious is the go-to salon for trendy nail art and stylish manicures. They are currently running a special promotion on their Gel Classic Gel Manicure. Pamper yourself with this exclusive offer and get beautiful gel nails at a discounted price.


If you're looking for a nail salon that takes a nail-friendly approach, Branché is the place for you. They offer gentle products and techniques to ensure zero harm to your nails. Enjoy exclusive promotions on their Classic Gel Manicure and treat yourself to a pampering session without compromising the health of your nails.

Painted Nail Bar

Painted Nail Bar is known for its innovative treatments and high-quality service. They are currently offering an exclusive Anti-Dark Spots Hand Treatment that combines cutting-edge cosmetic technologies with natural ingredients. This treatment reduces discoloration and dark spots on your hands, leaving them looking flawless. The package also includes a classic manicure to complete your hand transformation.

Nail County

Experience the authentic Korean-style manicure and pedicure services at Nail County. As Singapore's first premium Korean Nail Salon, they bring the expertise of South Korean-based nail technicians to provide top-notch services. Don't miss out on the exclusive promotion for their Classic Gel Manicure & Classic Gel Pedicure at their Katong branch.


TheNailsology is the salon to visit if you want to spice up your nails with unique and vibrant designs. From chrome nails to Sanrio-inspired styles, they have something for everyone. Take advantage of their exclusive promotions, including an Express Gelish Manicure bundle, and get your dream nails at a special price.

Move Manicure

If you have a busy schedule and crave a relaxing nail pampering experience at home, Move Manicure is the answer. They offer an at-home Signature Gel Manicure that includes a nourishing cuticle treatment and a soothing hand massage. Indulge in this exclusive service and treat yourself to some well-deserved TLC.

Nail Salon


Trimmings Salon & Spa

5% off Gel Classique Manicure & Pedicure + complimentary removal of gel nails


Special price on Gel Classic Gel Manicure


Exclusive promotions on Classic Gel Manicures

Painted Nail Bar

Anti-Dark Spots Hand Treatment + classic manicure package

Nail County

Exclusive promotions on Classic Gel Manicure & Classic Gel Pedicure


Express Gelish Manicure bundle at a special price

Move Manicure

At-home Signature Gel Manicure

Trimmings Salon & Spa's Exclusive Promotion

Indulge in the ultimate luxury nail experience at Trimmings Salon & Spa with their exclusive promotion on the exquisite Gel Classique Manicure & Pedicure. Take advantage of this limited-time offer and enjoy a 5% discount along with complimentary removal of gel nails.

Trimmings Salon & Spa is renowned for its high-end nail services and exceptional attention to detail. Their team of skilled technicians will pamper your nails, leaving them looking flawless and feeling rejuvenated.

But that's not all! Trimmings Salon & Spa goes beyond nail services and offers a range of additional treatments to enhance your salon experience. From hairdressing to massage services, you can enjoy a complete head-to-toe pampering session at one convenient location.

To book your appointment and take advantage of this exclusive promotion, visit their website or give them a call. Treat yourself to the finest nail services in Singapore and experience the luxury of Trimmings Salon & Spa.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to indulge in a truly elite nail salon experience. Visit Trimmings Salon & Spa today!

Manicurious' Exclusive Gel Manicure

During this peak period, Manicurious is offering an exclusive gel manicure service that is sure to impress. With a specialization in manicures and nail art, Manicurious is the go-to salon for those looking to rock nails that perfectly match their style and personality. Their Gel Classic Gel Manicure is available at a special price, making it a fantastic deal for anyone who wants to treat themselves to a high-quality nail service.

Manicurious is widely recognized for their award-winning nail services and trendy designs. The talented nail technicians at Manicurious are dedicated to creating stunning looks that leave a lasting impression. Whether you prefer a simple, elegant style or a bold, statement-making design, their skilled team will ensure that your nails look their absolute best.

Choose from a Wide Range of Designs

At Manicurious, you'll be spoilt for choice with their extensive selection of nail designs. From intricate floral patterns to geometric shapes and everything in between, they have it all. Whether you want to keep it subtle or make a bold, fashion-forward statement, their nail artists will work their magic to bring your vision to life.

"Manicurious has been my go-to salon for nail services for years. Not only do they offer exclusive deals, but their attention to detail and creative designs always blow me away. I highly recommend their Gel Classic Gel Manicure!" - Sarah, a loyal customer

Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience Manicurious' exceptional service and exclusive promotions. Treat yourself to an unforgettable gel manicure that will make you feel pampered and confident. Book your appointment with Manicurious today and step into a world of beautiful nails!




Gel Classic Gel Manicure

A manicure that includes cuticle care, nail shaping, gel polish application, and a relaxing hand massage.

Starting from $XX

Nail Art Add-On

Customize your gel manicure with unique nail art designs, ranging from minimalist to elaborate.

Starting from $XX

Gel Polish Removal

Safely remove gel polish without damaging your nails to prepare for a new manicure.


Indulge in a luxurious gel manicure experience at Manicurious and discover why they are a top choice for nail enthusiasts in Singapore.

Branché's Nail-Friendly Approach

Branché is a Japanese-inspired nail salon that takes a nail-friendly approach to their services. They prioritize the health and well-being of your nails, using gentle products and techniques to ensure zero harm or damage. You can trust their team of skilled technicians to provide you with a safe and enjoyable nail salon experience.

At Branché, their Classic Gel Manicure is a popular choice among customers. The treatment includes filing, cuticle care, gel color application, and a relaxing hand massage. Not only will your nails look stunning, but you'll also feel pampered and rejuvenated.

Branché understands the importance of exclusive promotions and discounts to make luxury nail salon services affordable for everyone. They frequently offer special pricing and package deals on their gel manicure services, allowing you to enjoy top-quality treatments at discounted rates.

If you're looking for a nail salon that not only delivers exceptional results but also prioritizes the health of your nails, Branché is the perfect choice. Experience their nail-friendly approach and indulge in a luxurious manicure that will leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed.

Painted Nail Bar's Anti-Dark Spots Hand Treatment

Transform your hands this festive season with Painted Nail Bar's exclusive Anti-Dark Spots Hand Treatment. Say goodbye to discolorations and dark spots, and embrace flawless and youthful-looking hands.

This unique treatment combines cutting-edge cosmetic technologies with the power of natural ingredients to effectively reduce the appearance of dark spots and even out skin tone. The result is radiant and rejuvenated hands that will make a lasting impression.

As part of this exclusive package, you will also enjoy a classic manicure to complete your pampering experience. Our skilled technicians will take care of your nails, leaving them beautifully shaped, polished, and ready to shine.

Don't miss out on this premium nail salon package. Book your appointment now and indulge in this luxurious treatment that will leave your hands looking and feeling their best.



Anti-Dark Spots Hand Treatment

A customized treatment that reduces the appearance of dark spots and evens out skin tone on the hands.

Classic Manicure

A traditional manicure that includes shaping, polishing, and cuticle care to enhance the beauty of your nails.

Experience the ultimate indulgence at Painted Nail Bar with our exclusive Anti-Dark Spots Hand Treatment and classic manicure. This premium package is perfect for those who desire flawless hands that radiate confidence and sophistication.

Nail County's Korean-Style Mani-Pedi

Experience the artistry of Korean-style nail care at Nail County, Singapore's first premium Korean Nail Salon. With a team of highly skilled nail technicians trained in South Korea, Nail County offers top-notch services that combine luxury and exceptional quality. Treat yourself to a classic gel manicure and pedicure at Nail County's Katong branch, and indulge in a pampering session that will leave your nails looking fabulous.

"At Nail County, we believe in the power of beautiful nails. Our Korean-style manicure and pedicure techniques focus on enhancing the natural beauty of your nails while providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Our skilled technicians use high-end products and pay attention to every detail, ensuring that you receive the best nail care possible."

For a limited time, Nail County is offering an exclusive promotion on their Classic Gel Manicure & Classic Gel Pedicure at their Katong branch. Avail this opportunity to experience the expertise of their Korean nail technicians and enjoy the luxury of a high-end nail salon at a special price.

The Benefits of Nail County's Korean-Style Mani-Pedi

  • Authentic Korean-style nail care

  • Highly skilled nail technicians trained in South Korea

  • Luxurious and relaxing environment

  • Use of high-end products

  • Attention to detail for exceptional nail care

Don't miss out on this exclusive promotion from Nail County. Book your appointment today and discover the world of Korean-style nail artistry.



Price (before discount)

Promotion Price

Classic Gel Manicure

60 minutes



Classic Gel Pedicure

60 minutes



TheNailsology's Spicy Nail Designs

If you're looking to spice up your nails this Lunar New Year, look no further than TheNailsology. This renowned salon offers a wide array of designs that will make your nails stand out from the crowd. From eye-catching chrome nails to adorable Sanrio-inspired styles, TheNailsology has it all.

What sets TheNailsology apart is their commitment to providing exclusive nail salon promotions that offer top nail salon discounts. They understand the importance of luxury nail salon specials and strive to give their customers the best deals possible. To make sure you get the most out of your visit, TheNailsology has introduced an Express Gelish Manicure bundle at a special price.

This exclusive promotion allows you to mix and match designs to create your desired look. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant colors or subtle and elegant patterns, TheNailsology has the perfect design to suit your style. Their highly skilled nail technicians will ensure your nails are beautifully crafted and styled to perfection.



Express Gelish Manicure Bundle

Choose from a variety of designs and enjoy a special price on an Express Gelish Manicure

Move Manicure's At-Home Nail Pampering

For those with a busy schedule, Move Manicure offers an exclusive at-home nail pampering experience. Skip the salon and treat your nails to some tender loving care right in the comfort of your own home.

Move Manicure's signature service, the Signature Gel Manicure, brings the expertise of professional nail technicians to your doorstep. This pampering experience includes a nourishing cuticle treatment and a soothing hand massage.

"I love how convenient it is to have a professional manicure at home. Move Manicure truly offers luxury nail salon specials without the hassle of going out!" - Sarah, satisfied customer

What sets Move Manicure apart is their commitment to using only the highest quality products. Their organic gel formula is gentle and safe for everyone. You can enjoy a luxurious and high-end nail salon experience while maintaining the health and well-being of your nails.

Why Choose Move Manicure

Here are a few reasons why Move Manicure is the perfect choice for at-home nail pampering:

  • Convenience: No need to travel to a salon, as the experts come to you

  • Personalized Service: Receive individualized attention and care in the comfort of your own home

  • Superior Products: Move Manicure uses top-quality organic gel formulas for a safe and luxurious experience

  • Professional Technicians: Their team of skilled professionals ensures a flawless manicure every time

  • Time-Saving: Maximize your precious time by getting pampered at home without compromising on quality

Experience the luxury of high-end nail salon promotions and pamper yourself with Move Manicure's at-home nail services. Say goodbye to the stress of salon visits and indulge in an exclusive nail pampering experience at your convenience.


Exclusive nail salon promotions in Singapore offer customers the chance to indulge in luxurious treatments and receive top-notch services. This peak period brings exclusive discounts and deals from renowned nail salons like TNS Signature By The Nail Status and others. Whether you're in need of a gel manicure, nail art, or a complete nail pampering experience, these salons have something special for everyone. Take advantage of these exclusive promotions and save on your next visit to a nail salon.


Are these promotions available only in Singapore?

Yes, these exclusive nail salon promotions are only available in Singapore.

How long are these promotions valid for?

The duration of the promotions may vary depending on the salon. It is recommended to check with the specific salon for the validity period.

Can I book an appointment online?

Yes, most of the featured nail salons allow online booking. You can visit their respective websites or platforms to make an appointment.

What services are included in the promotions?

The services included in the promotions may vary from salon to salon. It is best to check the specific details of each promotion for the services included.

Are these nail salons reputable?

Yes, all the featured nail salons are reputable and well-established in Singapore. They are known for their quality services and customer satisfaction.

Can I customize the nail designs?

Yes, many of the featured nail salons offer customization options for nail designs. You can discuss your preferences with the technicians and artists to create the desired look.

Are the nail technicians experienced and well-trained?

Yes, the nail technicians at the featured nail salons are experienced and well-trained in their field. They are skilled in providing professional and high-quality nail services.

How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

The cancellation and rescheduling policies may vary for each salon. It is advisable to check the individual salon's policies or contact them directly for more information.

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