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Say goodbye to smudged lipstick and hello to long-lasting, perfectly tinted lips.


Lip Embroidery,
Baby Lip Blush


Baby Lips Blush is a revolutionary beauty technique that combines the artistry of embroidery with the allure of lip colour. This innovative procedure offers a semi-permanent solution for achieving naturally flushed and enhanced lips.
Using specialized micro-pigmentation tools, skilled technicians delicately implant organic pigments into the upper layers of the lips, creating a soft and subtle tint. The procedure is customizable, allowing individuals to choose from a range of shades that suit their desired look and skin tone.
The result of Baby Lips Blush is a youthful and fresh appearance, as if you were born with naturally luscious and rosy lips. The technique enhances the lip's natural shape, adds definition, and creates a soft blush-like effect that complements your overall facial features.
The benefits of Baby Lips Blush extend beyond its aesthetic appeal. The organic pigments used are hypoallergenic and safe for use on the delicate lip area. The semi-permanent nature of the procedure means that you can enjoy beautifully tinted lips for an extended period, typically lasting up to 1-2 years, with minimal touch-ups.
Say goodbye to the hassle of daily lipstick application and smudging. With Baby Lips Blush, you can wake up with perfectly tinted lips every day, effortlessly exuding a natural radiance. Whether you desire a subtle hint of colour or a bolder lip enhancement, this innovative technique offers a long-lasting solution for achieving the lips of your dreams.


1hr 30mins - 2hrs

Touch up to be done at $299 each session after 28days and within 3 months after your session with us.

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